Bottled drinking water production equipment ——Take you to fully understand the composition of a complete bottled water production line

Since labor costs are generally high and personnel are difficult to manage, users who purchase fully automated production equipment will account for the majority if funds permit. In the whole plant layout, in addition to the complete set of purified water production line equipment, a series of decoration and air purification are also required. Before ordering the purified water production line, the production layout of bottled purified water flow line should be designed in advance according to the size of the plant. According to 1:1 planning, the position of drainage ditch shall be designed in advance to avoid rework. Because there will be more water in the actual production process of bottled water, the drain outlet needs reasonable design. The floor can be made into an epoxy floor with a thickness of about 1mm, which is environmentally friendly, clean and less dusty.01:46

The bottled drinking water filling machine integrates the three functions of washing, filling and capping, and is suitable for filling and producing 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L bottled mineral water. PET polyester plastic bottles enter the filling machine through the way of clamping the bottle mouth. As long as the specifications and diameters of the bottle mouth are the same, they can be produced on a three in one filling machine. The main material of the equipment is high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the surface is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The output is 2000 bottles, 4000 bottles, 6000 bottles, 10000 bottles, 15000 bottles – 36000 bottles per hour and other models to choose from.


We can configure a series of water treatment equipment according to the water quality to purify the water body. Pretreatment equipment mainly includes quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, precision filter, etc., which are used to remove large particle impurities, color and odor in mountain spring water. The filter tank is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. The selection of filter membrane in the filter shall be determined according to the source water quality report. The combination of ultraviolet sterilization and ozone sterilization is adopted to reduce the composition of ozone as much as possible and effectively ensure the safe drinking of bottled water.


Customers can design a water bottle with the desired shape according to their own preferences. Our full-automatic drinking water production line is applicable to 350ml-2L bottles, with strong versatility. It is sufficient to replace some parts. One kind of bottle sample corresponds to one pair of mould, but it must be ensured that all bottles have the same opening specification and diameter.

When changing the bottle type, it takes a long time to replace the bottle blowing mold. The bottle mold itself is heavy and requires several people to operate together, so we usually recommend customers to use aviation aluminum mold. Because the mold made of this material is light in weight, high in processing precision, and the surface of the bottle blown out is relatively smooth, the only disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher.


In the actual production workshop, the length and layout of the air duct at the front end of the filling machine can be designed arbitrarily, and a certain length needs to be guaranteed, so that the whole bottled water production line can run more smoothly. The water treatment equipment is connected with the drinking water filling machine through 304 stainless steel for flushing and filling. The hydraulic cylinder of the filling machine contains a high and low liquid level detector to control the start and stop of the water treatment pump in real time to ensure the normal water use of the filling machine. The flushing mechanism on the drinking water filling equipment is mainly used to flush the inside of the empty bottle. During the flow of the empty bottle, some dust particles in the air will accumulate more or less, which can be removed by flushing with pure water. The high-pressure jet head is also specially designed to spray purified water to every corner of the empty bottle with high pressure. The outside of the empty bottle will also be sprayed with a spray head.


The filling operation of bottled drinking water mainly depends on the opening of the filling valve at the bottle mouth. Pure water flows through the filling valve into the empty bottle by its own gravity, and the liquid level is positioned at the position of the return pipe, so it is called constant liquid level and normal pressure filling. In the three in one filling machine, for PET plastic bottles, no matter what the diameter and height of the bottle body are, as long as the size and diameter of the bottle mouth are the same, a full-automatic three in one filling machine can be used. The capping mechanism of the lid is carried out in the form of grasping and screwing the lid. There will be a photoelectric detection between the filling and capping mechanisms to control the solenoid valve at the lid outlet, so as to ensure that one lid is placed in one bottle and no disordered capping occurs.


The bottled water after filling is outputted from the conveyor chain plate, and then passes through the light inspection equipment in turn to visually detect whether there are impurities in the bottle. Then, the bottle surface is dried by a strong drying machine in order to facilitate code spraying and labeling. The laser inkjet printer is used to engrave the current production date on the bottle surface. Labeling machine is mainly divided into labeling machine, labeling machine, hot-melt adhesive labeling machine, etc., which is mainly selected according to the needs of customers. The final packaging equipment of the production line is mainly divided into film packaging and carton packaging, which are packaged into 12 bottles/box, 24 bottles/box or 48 bottles/box according to actual needs.


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Post time: Dec-02-2022